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This variation of the classic Breakout outdoes the original in many ways. After launching 3DRT BrickBlaster, you see the same old wall of bricks above, your paddle below, and a ball bouncing between them. Despite the standard gameplay, great graphics take the program to a new level. For example, when you lose the ball, your paddle explodes in a blue flash. In the 3D environment, after you destroy the lowest wall of bricks, you fly up and destroy the next wall. The perspective zooms out as the ball rises, akin to computer pinball games that scroll up. Bonuses and dangers spice up the play. Green items give you power, double the score, create protection lines, or increase the number of balls in play. Red items freeze or shrink your paddle, making you lose the ball. The game is addictive, and every fan of Breakout should try 3DRT BrickBlaster.

Classic Brick Breaker:
  • A fun game where you have to hit a ball up the screen to knock down the bricks you need to use the mouse to move the bat the ball will bounce around the screen knocking away any bricks it hits you need to get rid of all the bricks to go to the next level there is a scoreboard at the end. Version 2 includes unspecified updates.
world of fashion
  • In Palm Ocean, a town known for its wild nightlife, an eccentric billionaire is organizing a Block Breaker Tournament for the 10 best players in the world. As a Famous Block Breaker champion, you want in ... but the entry fee is steep! Hit the city's gaming halls and take on challenges thrown down by characters from the night-time scene to boost your funds. The competition to get in the tournament will be fierce!
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  • Winner of multiple awards including the SourceForge Community Choice award
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